Synergies between TRACK-VET and DASCHE project

28 February 2020

TRACK-VET project is being conducted in synergies with the DASCHE project which focused on the development of social competences within the higher education area.

During the final DASCHE conference on 28 February 2020, Horacy Dębowski and Wojciech Stęchły presented the main findings of the TRACK-VET project. They indicated that the competences chosen for the TRACK-VET project can be seen as the same field of competence as DASCHE project, but relate to a different level (of competences) and application contexts. TRACK-VET focuses mostly on professional situations linked to mid-level vocational tasks and typical life situations whereas DASCHE project focuses on lifetime social participation, high-level social awareness and professional situations linked to a different set of professions. TRACK-VET focuses mostly on the analysis of the summative assessment leading for certification. For learners in pathways with less analogue and organized education attaining social competences may pose additional difficulties. Therefore should the credentials/qualifications attained via VNIL be of equal value, an approach for tackling assessments linked to aspects other than knowledge and specific skills is needed?

More information about DASCHE project can be found here.