Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) – UMB

Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica is a public university and a member of the European University Association. The university provides both high quality university study and further education by encouraging creative scientific and artistic research. Knowledge is advanced whilst combining the requirements of both scientific developments and practical issues. The university offers a classic range of university education opportunities at all three levels and forms of study in areas of education, social issues, economy, law, politics, humanities and natural sciences.

Faculty of Education is an integral part of Matej Bel University in  Banská Bystrica and prepares new professionals in occupations focused on work with people, i.e. educational and social professions. The process of education is provided  by nine departments in a form of accredited programmes at the Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels. The scientific and research activities of the Faculty of Education are focused on basic as well as applied research in the field of education theory of individual subjects, pedagogy, psychology, social work, art, and Evangelical theology.

Faculty of Education has an extensive experience in projects preparation and implementation at national and international level with an impact on educational policy in Slovakia. Pedagogical staff is involved in research projects. Researchers publish their research findings in national and foreign scientific journals and they attend national and international scientific and professional conferences. The Faculty of Education is also involved in grant projects carried out in cooperation with partner universities from Slovakia and abroad as well as in grant projects of the European Social Fund (ESF). The  Faculty also conducted international scientific conferences.

The Educational Research Center (ERC) as a part of the Faculty of Education UMB was set up in 2015 with the aim to develop research in the field of education. ERC follows the activities of the former Institute for Science and Research, which has been active since 2011. Researchers of ERC actively create and solve research projects focused on current educational problems, e.i. ethics in education, new curriculum based on competences, teaching strategies, professional development of teachers, student teachers classroom practice, scientific literacy of doctoral students, adult competences). Projects are supported by national grant agencies (KEGA, VEGA, APVV)  and ESF.